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Triangular cooperation (TrC) is a modality of international development cooperation through which jointly planned, financed and implemented projects are supported: Typically, it involves collaborations between a facilitator, a pivotal partner, and one (or more) beneficiary partner(s). TrC combines experience and expertise, as well as financial, institutional, and human resources, and can strengthen trust and horizontal relationships among participating countries. Developmental impact is achieved by combining the complementary strengths of each partner and a multi-stakeholder approach.

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Capacity Development

The Regional Fund aims to strengthen Triangular Cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean partners. A key component of this objective is the promotion of TrC projects. A requirement for this is also the strategic development of competencies and the promotion of regional political dialogue on TrC.

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El Ministerio Federal de Cooperación Económica y Desarrollo (BMZ) de Alemania tiene el placer de invitarle al evento “Cooperación Triangular 2023: generando confianza en un mundo cambiante”. El evento tiene lugar en el marco de la Semana de América Latina y el Caribe 2023 del BMZ.

Para asistir al evento en Berlín, favor contactar a comunicaciones@fondo-cooperacion-triangular.net para registrarse hasta el día 27 de marzo 2023.

Para participar virtualmente, puede unirse a través de este enlace.

Fecha: Martes, 28 de marzo 2023

Hora: 15 hrs. CEST

Guardar el evento en Outlook

Para más información, vea el siguiente comunicado